Why the IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System is the Best Choice in Hydroponics

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The complexity of indoor farming depends on the equipment and tools one chooses to use. Indoor farming can become strenuous without the correct equipment.

However, there is a foolproof method to get things right when it comes to hydroponics.

With the IWS PRO 25mm Flood and Drain System, hydroponics farming becomes effortless. The system is completely automated with a flood and drain system that feeds plants and traps oxygen around the root. The assemblage is perfectly coordinated as it has a reservoir controlled by a brain bucket.

The System that Fits Most Spaces

PRO systems come in variables:

  • 6 pot flood and drain
  • 12 pot flood and drain

This option fits in most small spaces and provides a reasonable yield. When the size is too small, it becomes uneconomical to farm. The 25mm pipe work also increases the continuous flow of water.

  • 24 pot flood and drain
  • 36 pot flood and drain
  • 48 pot flood and drain

Top Tips

  1. Choose the Right Media

The whole idea behind hydroponics is to avoid soil. Soil carries a lot of diseases and disease vectors. With this hydroponics system, the best choice of media is clay pebbles. These hold a lot of air – perfect conditions for a flood and drain.

Alternatively, go for a mixture of 20% coco peat and 80% clay pebbles. The arrangement will still work perfectly.

  1. Sterilise the System

Sterility kills diseases and deters vectors from habituating in the system. Purchase some Silver Bullet Roots that sterilise the system and keep diseases off the tanks.

The IWS pot for hydroponics is the best option for those seeking to get rid of the hard graft involved in indoor farming. Enhance production from your hydroponics farming by choosing the best equipment. Follow the guidelines to purchase a system that fits your needs


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