What’s Better For Perfect Booty Enhancement? Butt Cream V/s. Butt Pills


Curvaceous body is a dream of most of the women. Perfectly shaped round booties are an important part of it. There are a wide number of products designed by multiple reputed brands that claim to enhance your butts. Not all of them have shown desired results upon usage.

These butt enhancement products are majorly available in two variations: Creams and Pills. The debate about which is a better option has lived ever since the products have hit the market. Here is my view on the same.

How do the butt enhancements products work?

Majority of us have excess fat stored in our body. These fat cells are stored in your abdomen, arms or thighs. The butt enhancement products redirect these fat cells to your butt; therefore, enlarging their size.

This redirecting mechanism is incorporated by mimicking the various hormones present in our body. This process is initiated when the butt cream or pills contain the right ingredients. The most important hormones involved in the process are estrogen, phytoestrogen, and prolactin.

It takes four to twelve weeks of usage to see results. The duration precisely depends on your body type and the concentration of ingredients used in the product. You can seek help from experts to assess your body type before using any of these products.

What are ingredients to look for?

The below two are the clinically tested ingredients for butt creams or pills; they are:

  1. Voluplus: Adipose tissue consists of the fat cells that add volume to your butts. Voluplus increases the density of adipose tissues in your butt by retaining the fat cells.
  2. VoluFine: It provides the required differentiation and volume. This is done by increasing the fat cells beneath the skin.

Various other natural ingredients must be present in either a booty cream or a pill for butt enhancement. This includes fenugreek, Fennel, Saw Palmetto, Watercress, Blessed Thistle, Wild Yam, and Dong Quai.

Make a note to check if you are allergic to any of the above ingredients. This can cause some irreversible side effects like rashes and wrinkles.

So, which is the better option?

Honestly, both of them will give you the desired results. The reason is that they contain similar ingredients. The only difference is the way of using them, i.e., external application of the cream and consumption of the tablet.

As mentioned earlier, the effects observed by these products are due to the ingredients present in them. Therefore, it does not matter if you use a cream or pills. Using a product from the right brand that has incorporated all the required ingredients is what matters.

Both the pills and the cream take at least a few weeks to show the desired results. Do not trust the brands that claim to produce immediate results; those claims are worthless as creams and pills never tend to show immediate effects. Four weeks is a good amount of time for any product to show its effects. We wish you a happy and safe body transformation!

Della Mullins

The author Della Mullins