What is the Process of a Saliva Drug Test?


Whether you have taken marijuana or cocaine, if there is drug in your saliva, oral drug tests are bound to show the traces in the result. Nothing can work against the drug tests, unless you are smart and prepared enough to pass them without being caught, despite being on drugs.

Since the saliva drug testing method is commonly used, more and more people trust its results. If someone has been on drugs recently, the only way to catch them is with the help of this kind of drug test. You can’t expect the traces of drug to show in the urine test if you have just consumed drug of any kind. Therefore, police departments prefer saliva testing, rather than waiting for the traces to come in the urine of an individual.

If you want to learn about the process of a saliva drug test, you are on the right page. We all know drug addiction can kill you. Overdosing is one of the ways in which most of the drug addicts die. They don’t even come to know how much of drugs in right within their veins. In the end, they are killed by their addiction.

An oral drug test is also known as a mouth swab drug test. In this drug testing method, saliva of an individual is collected as a sample for test. The employer or interviewer collects the saliva sample from the mouth of an employee or the job applicant and it is then tested for marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, amphetamines and even alcohol. The tester looks like an ear bud, but is longer and thinner in shape. The test results are so accurate that you don’t have to take the test over and over again. You find out whether the individual is sober or not.

One of the most important reasons why most of the employers go for this type of drug testing is because it is less expensive than other methods of drug testing. This means despite investing only a few bucks on the testers, you find out whether the job applicants, or the employees, are sober enough for your organization or not. If they pass their tests, they are either hired, or promoted. Also, let us not forget that it is easier to collect the saliva, rather than collecting the urine and sending the sample for testing.

Kimberly Baker

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