What are the Different Types of Weed to Buy Online?


Unless you are an experienced weed user, it can be tough to make your first time usage of marijuana enjoyable.  You should first decide about the effects that you wish to achieve, choose a specific strain that will give you the exact effects that you want and pick a type of cannabis based on that decision. Find out about the various types of weed online Canada that you can buy.

Cannabis Sativa

It is the most famous type, and is known to boost energy and give an ecstatic high. It has a sweet aroma, and has various medicinal benefits. The weed has very low amount of CBD and high quantity of THC. It should best be used during the daytime, as it boosts energy significantly. Some of the more famous strains of Cannabis Sativa are:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Willie Nelson
  • Sour Diesel

Cannabis Indica

This is another popular type, which gives a ‘high’ to users and a sense of relaxation that cannot be missed. It has moderate CBD and THC, and gives out a sour aroma. It is known for powerful medicinal properties. Some of the famous strains of Cannabis Indica include Pineapple Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Kush and Grandaddy Purple that you can buy from weed online Canada stores.

Cannabis Ruderalis

It is mainly popular among weed growers. This is used for crossbreeding with various other types of strains. It has solid medicinal properties. As it has very low amount of THC, it is not suitable for recreational usage.


This is a blend of two strains, and can produce various effects – based on the type of strain that is used for crossbreeding purposes. There are innumerable combinations of hybrid strains, and this specific group cannot be standardized. It generally makes users relaxed or happy, or both.

Della Mullins

The author Della Mullins