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What is depression?

Depression is a known yet stern medical condition that damagingly affects how a person feels, thinks or acts. Unhappiness causes approaches of wretchedness and/or a loss of concentration in events once relished. It leads to an assortment of expressive and physical difficulties and can lessen a person’s capability to function.

Signs of Depression:

  1. Tireless sad mood
  2. Feeling downhearted
  3. Feeling remorseful
  4. Feeling insignificant
  5. Loss of interest
  6. Struggle in concentrating
  7. Effort in sleeping
  8. Weight loss
  9. Hunger loss
  10. Restiveness
  11. Suicidal mind
  12. Complains of physical discomforts always

Several depression research study states that these are the most common symptoms and often misjudged as “grief” or “bereavement”. However for both conditions as grief or bereavement, the duration of such a feeling is momentary and often dies down with the lessening significance of the troublesome situation or loss.

Contributors of Depression

As per depression research study, the condition can be risky as the below mentioned 4 most essential factors that causes depression.

  • Biochemistry- difference of chemicals in the brain
  • Genetic- Depression can be a family disease
  • Behavior- people with low self-respect are victim of depression
  • Environment- Violence, abuse, poverty may cause depression.

How is the same cured?

Depression can be cured if the same is diagnosed and treated with due seriousness. More than or additionally with medicines or therapies, self-help and the idea to self-cope is the key in treating this ailment.

  • Medication– Anti depressants can be of help in treating depressions
  • Talk therapy- This is basically a transformed and distinguished version of counseling.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy– Electric simulation of the brain is done keeping the patient under anesthesia.

But in addition to all these treatments, the one suffering from depression should have the resilience and the fortitude to come out of it and live a normal happy life

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