Tips to Decrease Estrogen Level Naturally


If your body fat is increasing and changing your well-toned pecs into man boobs, then this is a hint that estrogen level in your body is increasing. No need to panic you can control it by making dietary and lifestyle changes.

Improve your gut health

If you want to increase your estrogen level, then it is imperative to improve the health of your gut. A healthy gut will throw out estrogen from your body. When you consume processed food items like refined carbohydrates with alcohol, your gut starts releasing B-glucouronidase in the body. The release of this enzyme breaks the estrogen, which was going out of the body. Your body starts the re-absorption; here are a couple of ways to improve your gut health. You can read more about estrogen blockers at

Remove gluten

This brings negative effects on your gut. To avoid gut irritation you are supposed to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet. In the present scenario, many people consume gluten free diet because of intolerance to gluten.

Increase prebiotic and probiotic consumption

You can opt for fermented foods, which are locally available to you because prebiotic supplements are beneficial in improving gut health. You can also opt for probiotic drinks.

Take digestive enzymes

After consulting your physician, you can opt for digestive enzymesafter every meal. You need to follow this for a couple of weeks to improve your gut health.

Increase your vegetable intake

Vegetables like cabbage green pepper will help your body to eliminate estrogen from your body. Get authentic information about controlling estrogen from

Avoid gut irritants

There are a couple of food items, which may cause irritation to your gut like gluten, soy, legumes and grains as well as commercial dairy items.

Follow gut reset diet

You may be surprised to know that by consuming the right diet, you can reset your gut. Consult your dietician and he will give you a six-week diet plan to decrease estrogen level and reset your gut.

Improve insulin sensitivity

Insulinis responsible to make your body lean and healthy. Let us have a look, what insulin sensitivity is all about.

Fat metabolism comes to a halt when you feed your body with carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrate metabolic is given preference over fat metabolism. Yes, you have understood it right that lipolysis (fat burning) stops when you eat carbohydrates.

Fat burning process resumes only after insulin has finished its job and it sends the glucose where it is supposed to go. When you eat carbohydrates, body recognizes that and insulin is released to deal with the incoming carbohydrates.

Insulin release is not proper in every one, some people release too much of insulin in their body whereas, some people have resistant cells which do not release insulin; you can call them insulin resistant. People suffering from diabetes do not release the right amount of insulin required by the body. Now amillion dollar question is how to improve insulin sensitivity.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

If you are consuming too much of carbohydrates, then decrease its intake and this will help you in improving insulin sensitivity

You can stick to your routine of consuming carbohydrates right after your workout routine.


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