Sulbutiamine: Drug That Effects the Cognitive Power


In many instances, the scientific knowledge has come to the rescue of people that leads to the development of different types of drugs that have been seen to rectify a disease condition. One of the types of the agent that has been used by people is the use of Sulbutamine. It is a drug which contains the synthetic derivative of the thiamine group. The discovery of the drug was done in the treatment of Beriberi that had been predominant in Japan. It was discovered that use of thiamine like analogues could be used for the treatment of this disease. A new user must be careful about the dosage information as well as the effects of use.


The use of thiamine analogues in different diseases leads to the discovery of the different types of drugs like Sulbutiamine. The structure of the synthesised molecule is such that it contains two of the Vitamin B1 residue that has been linked by a sulphur ester to stabilize it. The nature of the drug makes it a lipophilic type allowing it to cross the cell membranes. This property of the drug makes it a much prioritised and well-studied as it can cross the blood-brain barrier in the body.

Sulbutiamine properties make it a popular drug for use. It has been marketed under different names like Bisbuthiamine, Youvitan, Arcalion and Enerion.It is a type of drug which is known as thiamine disulphide. The drug is a strong stimulant and can be used to increase the cognitive powers of the brain. It is due to this reason that it has been classified as a nootropic agent which can be used alone or in combination favorably.

The effects of the use

Sulbutamine can be successfully created while looking for a cure of Beriberi which had been predominant in Japan and Asiatic countries. The cause of the disease is a deficiency of thiamine. The presence of the positively charged thiazole moiety in thiamine inhibits the passage of it through the membrane and requires energy carriers in the cell. The presence of lipophilic molecule does, in fact, find an answer to the problem by being highly lipophilic. Sulbutamine has been successfully recommended for the treatment of different disease condition such as asthenia which is chronic fatigue in the cerebral muscles.

Availability on the market

The Sulbutamine is marketed in the pharmaceutical markets. It is present as 200mg tablets by different pharmaceutical companies like Arcalion. The maximum recommended dose for the use of the best effects is not known. The people often use it in 200- 400 mg in 24 hours to get the best effect. The actual effect of the thiamine analogue use depends on the different factors like the metabolism and the general health. It is due to this reason that it has been used by the people that have different effects and must not be compared between two individuals. It is recommended to optimize the dose in each person. The prolonged use of the drug diminishes the effect of the use; hence the use of the drug must be done in a specialised occasion to reap the maximum benefits.

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