Simple Yoga Hacks for Rookies


Ever so often people new to yoga training in India tend to equate it with difficult, limb twisting poses and start to question if – They are flexible enough?

But they forget that yoga is not just about being flexible, it’s about rejuvenating your mind, body and soul –using simple asanas or exercises.

So if you’re also a newcomer to yoga and are in constant self-doubt about your abilities, here are five simple tips to help you get started.

Just Relax

It doesn’t really matter whether your 14 or 40, fat or thin, so relax.  Learning yoga is as much about discovering a new you as it is about enjoying the journey itself.

Choose a Qualified Teacher

Make it a point to learn under a trained yoga guru or instructor. You can also choose from a host of formal courses in yoga training in India offered by many reputed institutes.

Keep an Open Mind

This will help you to focus better, minimize your chances of injury and help you to broaden your vision. This in turn will help enhance your yoga experience and derive the maximum benefit from it.

Seek your Doctor’s Approval

This applies specifically to those with a prior medical condition. Also remember to inform your yoga instructor so that he/she can customize your asanas to avoid any medical complications.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

This is a must when going for a yoga class or practicing it at home.  Do remember to avoid wearing things like tight belts or heavy jewellery as they could hinder your practice.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these five simple tips should help ease your anxiety during your yoga routine. But if you still haven’t decided on where to get your formal yoga training, here’s another tip for you.

The Ayur yoga training in India (nearby Mysore) is rated as one of the top centers for the best yoga training in India, do make it a point to check it out before reaching a decision – it could change your life forever.

Kimberly Baker

The author Kimberly Baker