Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptoms And How It Can Be Cured


An autoimmune disease that causes joint pain and damage throughout your body is rheumatoid arthritis. Joints get damage and the fact of this disease is when one is affected on the right side of the leg or hand another side of the leg or hand will definitely be affected. This is the basic difference between other arthritis like osteoarthritis. Pain is the major sufferings; in this case, a person can’t bear it.

Many of the medicines are available in the market and one should be very careful while picking them. Consult with doctors first for the treatment and medications. Early diagnosis makes a difference in the treatment. Early treatment can help to reduce the risk of severity. Cannabis oil nowadays is working incredibly in treating such diseases.

Some of the symptoms that occur throughout the body that tells about rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Swelling in the joints
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of function of joints
  • Joint stiffness

These symptoms go from mild to severe. Treating this disease yourself and ignoring it can make your body more affected by it. Doctors can treat this well. Multiple lab tests are done to find out or confirm rheumatoid arthritis. No single test can confirm certain images tests are also done for the confirmation.

Cannabidiol oil or also known as CBD oil that is derived from the medicinal cannabis works well in pain that is caused because of rheumatoid arthritis. CBD oil doesn’t contain THC and this works well; THC in cannabis makes you high. Results of cannabis oil are promising. According to the research held in 2013, it was found that it reduces inflammation and pain.

It was also reported that it helps in improving sleep without any kind of side effects. CBD oil affects the brain activity, but not like THC that is a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

There are two receptors oil CBD oil that is CB1 and CB2 and both are beneficial for reducing pain and inflammation. Due to anti-inflammatory properties CBD oil is helpful in the progression of RA that in future causes the damage in joints.

Use Of CBD– CBD oil comes in two forms in liquid and capsule as well. The capsule can be taken by mouth or can be added to food. If you want to apply on your skin then you can add it in your favorite lotion and apply gently. Although CBD oil doesn’t have side effects some of the people have mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, appetite change.

Medical marijuana is illegal to produce in some of the states but some have legal permission to produce marijuana for the treatment of various medical ailments. A marijuana plant is not only nowadays used for the human health issues but also is effective in pets. Depression, anxiety, chronic pain and cancer like fatal diseases can be treated by using cannabis. For the good treatment of such diseases, it is very important to have the effective medication and cannabis is the best medicines than others.

Clare Louise

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