Reasons Adults Need To Consider Clear Aligners


Braces are recommended to improve physical ‘orofacial’ appearance. This is an orthodontic treatment, where issues like crowded or crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, jaw joint disorder, and incorrect jaw position get corrected. Braces are not only for kids but a lot of adults are opting for this treatment to correct minor issues and enhance their smile.

In the past, metal braces helped to solve these dental issues but are notoriously uncomfortable and unappealing. Fortunately, now there is another option called invisible braces or clear aligners. They are even called lingual braces, incognito, or ibraces. The metal braces are worn in front but ibraces are positioned on the back of the teeth, so you cannot see them. You can learn more about invisible aligners from professionals at Oracare dental clinic.

Reasons to consider clear aligners


Adult patients choose clear aligners because they appear invisible. Allowing anyone to know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment may seem embarrassing to some but clear aligners help to hide this truth. Another esthetic benefit is that existing gaps also get concealed.


The ability to eat and brush teeth without braces makes one feel good. It allows you to maintain your oral hygiene routine. Clear aligners make brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking easy. There is no need restriction in eating food that could make metal braces loosen up and need extra orthodontic visits.

Health benefits

With traditional braces many people find it hard to take care of their teeth properly. Due to poor oral hygiene, calcium gets deposited on the teeth exteriors. These deposits can be seen only when their metal braces get removed, which need cosmetic treatment.

In addition, gums can get swollen if you ignore good oral hygiene. This can lead to gingivitis and needs treatment or it can cause permanent health issues.

Impression-less scanning

The traditional impression technique needed patient to sit uncomfortably for 15 minutes with messy, gooey substance within their mouth. Impression-less scanning technology is quick, more detailed and accurate than conventional method enabling better results.

Real-time digital display, while scanning allows the orthodontist to see 3D model instantly and make instant adjustment. This is also a key reason clear aligners are chosen and appreciated.

Enhances confidence level

People shy from braces because they feel self-conscious wearing it. When someone talks about correcting your crooked teeth visions of those traditional metal braces covering the lower and upper teeth pops in your mind. Fortunately, with clear aligners there is no need to compromise with your image, while straightening those wayward teeth. You will not shillyshally to smile with clear aligners.

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