Outdoor Exercise: You can get Unexpected Benefits

Fitness man doing push-ups at the outdoors park

Some people swear by the treadmill. And some people are waiting when the winter is over, and they get the opportunity to start exercising outside. A lot of the readers here might think that it is down to personal preference that to where they should exercise, but the fact is that some researches have indicated that you are going to get more health benefits exercising outside rather than going to gyms.

In a research carried out by the Scottish Health Survey in 2008, active participants in this study were 2,000. The study found that a person exercising outdoors has 50 percent more positive mental health compared with the ones going to the gym.

In another research by Glasgow University found that people ho walks, runs, bikes, and does other outdoor activities through green space has lower stress and this study was published in The Telegraph.

This isn’t the only study that suggests that outdoor exercise boosts mental health. There are many more studies. One study done by Richard Mitchell, PH.D. told on The Telegraph that he wasn’t surprised by the findings that outdoor exercise boots mental health, but he was surprised by 50 percent, and then he suggested that planners, policymakers, and doctors take an account on that protect and promote the outdoors.

In 2011, a study concluded that exercising outdoors greatly decrease anger, depression, confusion, and tension when compared to activities indoor.

In 2010, BBC reported a study that if someone can exercise at least five minutes in the green space, it will improve self-esteem and mood of that person.

There are parks available nowadays with outdoor fitnessgeräte. Therefore, it is not a problem if you want to do cardio exercise or strengthening exercise, you don’t need to go to the gym.

So, if you have decided to take your sweating session outdoors, let’s see some of the benefits of exercising outside:

  • Focus and Attention

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign carried out a small study with kids with ADHD. They found that after 20 minutes of walk in a park the level of concentration increased in them. They concluded the study is saying that they don’t know exactly what it is with the park walking, might be the absence of building or might be the greenery, but it shows that physical environment matters.

  • Likelihood of Loving Exercise

It is true that for people who can’t take out time for exercising, even a little bit of exercise counts, but most of us can afford to make a little bit more time to exercise. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans on the year 2008 recommended that every adult need to make out at least two hours and thirty minutes of time every week from their schedule and use that time to do moderate-intensity cardio and two or more sessions of strength training.

In 2011, a survey concluded that outdoor exercise is reinforcing the behavior. The study also said that exercising outdoors gives a greater intent to repeat the activity at a later date compared to gym-goers.

  • You won’t be Overweight

When you are exercising outdoors, you are not only be getting benefits of your exercise, but outside is full of sunlight, fresh air, scenery, open space, etc. These all will be inspiring you to go to exercise more and do more activities compared to the gym with screens and couches.

  • Get More Energy

If you need to reinvigorate, exercise can give you that when you are feeling lazy. But when you exercise in the fresh air, you are going to get the effect much higher. The University of Rochester in 2009 in a study concluded that only 20 minutes of exercising outside could make your energy up as much as a cup of coffee can. The report was published in The Telegraph, and it said that when depleted, most people reach for a cup of coffee, but this study suggests a much better way to become energized as it connects you to nature.

  • Heal Faster and Painless

In a study carried out in 2005 on patients who had spinal surgery. The study concluded that the patients who were staying at the part of the hospital that is sunnier they reported less stress, less pain, and they needed fewer medications for pain compared to the patients who stayed at the shadier side of the building. It is true till you are recovered from your surgery you can’t start your exercise back, but the bright side is that if sunlight helps in so many ways, why not the normal people without any surgery or disease go out and workout in the sunlight.

Jose Valdez

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