Nail Growth reflects the state of good health

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Nails add beauty to hands and reflect the state of your health. Everyone desires his nails to grow fast. Nails have a relationship with hair. Both are made up of keratin protein. So taking care of your diet for hair will have a significant influence on the health of nails too. The growth of fingernails is faster than toenails. The former grows on an average 3.5 mm per month while the growth of the latter is 1.6 mm a month. Fingernails of the dominant hand grow faster than other hand nails. In summers and warm conditions, nails grow faster. However, the growth rate slows down in winters.

One universal fact often unnoticed by people is that nails never sweat like other parts of the body. Men’s nails grow faster than women. The only exception is during pregnancy when the growth of nails in women is faster than anyone and anything. There is a myth surrounding the white spot on the nails. People think it is because of calcium deficiency. Apart from calcium deficiency, pressure or trauma to the nail plate can also be the reason. Taking care of nails at home, eating a healthy and balanced diet and a proper exercise promotes nail growth. Another factor is use of a nail polish for nail growth.

Protective methods for nail care

Apply a nail hardener to protect and make nails strong. This product can be used as a temporary supplement. In the cold, always wear gloves and mittens and when working with chemicals. Protect the nails with latex to prevent nails from breaking. Never let your hands soak in water for too long. This makes the nails weak and they split on growing. For longer nails, wear gloves while washing dishes. As a part of daily nail hygiene routine, apply moisturizer to hands and nails. This protects nails from dryness and makes them grow longer. Try to apply lotion a couple of times every day.

Clip away frayed edges of the nails with nail clippers. A jagged edge may cause a loss to a part of the nail. Taking care of the cuticle is important as it protects nails against infection. Cuticle damage may damage nail which can make nails grow slowly. Massage the cuticles to maintain blood flow. Soften the cuticle by soaking the fingertips in warm water with little bit of soap. Do not cut the cuticles as this may cause bleeding leading to an infection. File nails in “round” or “pointed” look rather than a “square” one. “Square” nails catch more on surfaces.

Strengthening nails with nail polish

Use of polishes contains nourishing ingredients like natural oils and vitamins that are good for nails and give a good condition to nails. Nail polishes with rose extract and Vitamin E protect and strengthen nails against infection. Fair skins are more prone to damage than darker skins. Women can wear nail polish for nail growth for a longer time without any damage to their nails. It is recommended to remove polish in every seven days with a non-acetone remover. While using color, always wear a strengthening base coat for protection. Nail polishes make nails strong and prevent them from breakage.


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