Instruments of endoscope treatment


Endoscopy is process used by doctors to look inside the body of patients. The procedure of endoscope is to examine the organ or cavity inside the body. Doctors can use many other techniques like medical imaging to see inside body of patients but endoscopes tools are directly into the organ.

It is of many types.  Which depend on the body and type of procedure done by doctors and specialize surgeons? Which type of procedure is doctors doing on a patient and which procedure takes to make patients may be fully conscious or given anaesthetized during this procedure.

Endoscopes instruments can be inserted into the openings of the body such as the mouth or anus it can only do by doctors.

Procedure of endoscope

This process takes only hours. So, patients does not need to stay overnight in the hospitals.

  • Many type of endoscope need to do fasting for 12 – 15 hours. SO, the treatment can be done correctly.
  • Stools have to be removed from the body before the doctors use the endoscope instrument.
  • Patients will be examine by the doctors before the endoscope instrument is used on the patients

Risks and side effects of endoscope

It is a very safe procedure but it totally depends upon the areas of the partition where are the doctors going to insert the endoscope instrument. The risk factor is involved in this process but professional doctors can do this process without any risk as they are professional in this field. The risk factor is a major problem after endoscope but some patients can overcome from it very easily.

Risks of using endoscopy instrument

  • Pain in the area which is treated by the doctors with endoscopy instruments.
  • Internal bleeding may happen, sometimes major or minor.
  • Dark and solid stool.
  • Breathing problem may arise.
  • Chest pain near heart.
  • Blood in the vomiting.
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