The level of mutated genes will be identified by conducting MTHFR gene test as the mutated genes are the sole reason for the improper functioning of the MTHFR enzyme. After finding the levels of mutated genes proper diagnosis should be taken. The MTHFR treatment can be divided into two ways as follows:

  • By drugs and capsules
  • By regular practice

By drugs and capsules:

MTHFR deficiency diseases can be treated by using drugs and capsules. which are rich in methylene and methyl folate. These types of drugs will induce the methyl content in the human body. The lack of MTHFR tetrahydrofolate reductase can be cured by taking required number of reductase for long period of time till reaching the major level of methyl content by reducing the mutated genes. The increase of Methylene and methyl folate is also directly proportional to the decrease of mutated genes. This will lead to the proper functioning of the enzyme.

The deficiency of methyl content will also be cured by taking the food which has high amount of vitamin b especially vitamin b 12 which have the capability of inducing the required chemicals for the proper functioning.

By regular practices:

As discussed above not only the capsules and drugs will cure the deficiency but also exercises for mind, peacefulness, calmness and other regular practises to keep our mind calm will help the person to retain the proper amount of MTHFR. Practises such as yoga, meditation and other exercises will help the person to keep his mind calm and relaxed and it will help the person to regain the composure. As the lack of MTHFR and the mutated genes like A198C have the capability to induce many mind related diseases which cannot the diagnosed by the drugs completely and only regular practises can do it.

Kimberly Baker

The author Kimberly Baker