How Women (and Men) Can Fight for Sanitation through Social Crowdfunding


In 2014, two underprivileged teenaged girls from Uttar Pradesh, India made their way to the open fields to defecate and were never seen again. Later, they were found to have been brutally hanged. This story is not a unique one. Nearly half the country’s population lacks the basic facility of a loo at home and have no choice but to defecate in the open. A solution that could impact the millions that sacrifice their dignity and safety every day could be crowdfunding India.

For women, a natural bodily function has become a dreaded and dangerous act, as this makes them vulnerable to sexual violence. The situation is so bad that a police official from Bihar stated that at least 400 women could have escaped rape in 2013 if they’d had toilets installed at home.

The issue isn’t being ignored completely. Many individuals and organizations are taking action. Last year, a woman from Chattisgarh sold all her jewellery to buy construction material to build 100 toilets in her village with the help of local women she trained in brick-making. An underprivileged woman broke the news when she began digging a hole outside her house when she was seven months pregnant.

While these are brave steps that can make a statement, the issue of sanitation cannot be solved unless every woman and man is involved in finding a solution, and a crowdfunding India platform can be an effective place to start.

How you can make an impact through social crowdfunding

Support women from underprivileged households to find a solution by helping them run a crowdfunding campaign! They can speak about the importance of sanitation in their communities and encourage people to contribute towards a solution. Once a sufficient amount is collected, the community can work together to build toilets.

If you’re lucky enough to be making a higher income, consider starting a fundraiser to raise awareness about the problem among your friends, family, colleagues and so on in your social media networks to raise money. Pick a village and use the funds to get toilets installed in homes, especially those with young women.

Consider running a fundraiser to run workshops and training sessions in construction (and to buy material) for local women and men so they can build their own toilets. Empowering a community to solve its own problems is often a bigger act of kindness than gifting a solution.

Why crowdfunding is the ideal solution

The problem is widespread. There already exist nonprofits that are striving to make a change. What lacks is awareness and more importantly, funding to make solutions a reality. And crowdfunding is the ideal way to make this a reality without the burden of funding falling on a small number of people.

Crowdfunding India platforms let you tell powerful stories to a large audience through social media, letting you raise awareness about an issue quickly.

There is no pressure of payback, and creating a fundraiser is absolutely free of cost on select platforms like Impact Guru! A nominal fee is deducted only after you’ve finished raising funds.

Anyone can do it with a little bit of research; first-time campaigners, first-time internet users, the elderly and underprivileged from rural regions – they’ve all been able to run successful campaigns, and so can you!

Find more tips and tricks on crowdfunding websites. Most platforms are led by compassionate teams willing to guide you through the entire process. Choose crowdfunding today!

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