How to Find Out Whether an Alcohol Rehab Center Is Genuine


Addiction simply cannot steal the life of your loved ones. Where there is an addiction, there is a hope. It is something which Michael Botticelli, “drug czar” under Obama’s administration felt. He felt that people who had strong addiction could get well in an alcohol rehab. One of the most important things that a people need to make the recovering person realize that they have enough chances to be on the road when they will get access to quality care.

How will you choose the best alcohol rehab for your loved ones? What are the necessary aspects that we need to keep in mind to find out if the alcohol rehab is genuine? Let this article act as a quick guide for you.

Since so many individuals and families seek treatment in such a moment of crisis. So it is vulnerable that alcohol rehab center might focus more on profit than care. However, the common list of warning listed below might help you to choose the genuine rehab center.

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  • Do not look for those generic advertisements that do not clearly tell you about the activities of that a rehab program will address. Through these advertisements, these brokers may be collecting your numbers or email on behalf of their treatment centers, who will then try to connect you with whatever treatment center pays them.
  • Check if the person you are speaking gets referral fees from the treatment center if they get one immediately refuse them. Since they are paid, they will like to get your loved one into any center whether it is good for them or not.
  • If someone offers a cover travel to an alcohol rehab center in some other location, call the rehab center immediately to confirm if the concerned person is an employee.
  • If he or she offers you to pay for the insurance coverage or waive co-pays call up the insurance company to confirm if the concerned person is an employee.
  • An alcohol rehab center that does not ask for in-depth information about the patient or does not ask for access to any counselor or therapist previously used should not be taken into consideration. Since without this necessary information, an alcohol rehab center cannot process a further program for the recovering person.

Apart from these points that you need to keep in mind, there are few question that you must ask an alcohol rehab center for further satisfaction –

  1. What is the patient-staff ratio of the alcohol rehab center?
  2. Do they have certified chemical dependency counselor? If yes – Then how many they have?
  3. Are the doctors associated with the program certified by American Society of Addiction Medicine?
  4. Can the alcohol rehab center handle other needs such as hepatitis C or mental issues?
  5. Are the staff members available for 24 hours a day? Are they licensed?
  6. What kind of support they offer? Do those programs help families to put together in an aftercare plan?

It is important to note, whether they are transparent or does it simply tell what you want to hear. If every answer satisfies you, then you can move ahead and get your loved ones admitted.


Lindsey Kim

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