Working at 2 separate day jobs at minimum wage alongside looking for career opportunities while also paying off student debts, I found myself constantly and consistently stressed out over making ends-meet. With a relative of mine in spinal cord agony, I looked to buy CBD oil for pain relief and tension release from their injury.

One night, out of curiosity, I asked to drop a few droplets of 100mg of the CBD tincture oil – and what followed was a feeling of destressing that followed me into the next day of work.

My Average Work Day

I work at a grocery store as a courtesy clerk alongside a retail where I do stock early in the mornings. There are one or several times in the week I work 11-15 hours a day. This is not including my writings on CBD articles promoting the use of CBD cream for pain or the benefits of society and the individual on legalization of this proven alternative medicinal aid.

At times, I find myself absolutely exhausted mentally and physical by the work I have completed – and the work I know I have the next day to accomplish. Planning on moving and paying back loans, I found myself in endless cycles of stress that impacts my own levels of happiness. At times, it feels that I am stuck working to the bone for others instead of focusing on my own health needs.

Shortly After Dropping

It was around 8pm after a long day of working at the grocery store that I asked to dropped some CBD tincture oil. I was looking to another long day of pushing in carts in day of 100+ degrees of hot, Arizona sun. I was exhausted and wanted to see how things would

I had another day dropped 3 droplets of CBD tincture oil; it only took 15 minutes to realize a wonderful relaxation of starting at my fingertips. Spreading throughout the rest of my body, I than felt a lightening of my muscles.

My body relaxed into itself and I could feel the weight lift off my shoulders- I wasn’t belittled by thoughts of work or the heat I was facing the next day. I was in the moment and unbroken by overburdened thoughts.

All of this without intoxication or inhibition of my own mental faculties. It was as if I had a good night’s rest and woke up rejuvenated and primed for the day ahead. This lasted up to the point I fell asleep.

The Day After

I haven’t tried any other CBD products like CBD candy or vape juice, but the feeling I had the next day made me want to try. I awoke with a feeling of contentment and deep rest from the night before. I did my daily regiment with a renewed focus and commitment to presentation that I haven’t felt in the past few days.

Making it to work, the shift didn’t seem as bad as it was usually – I kept up a good pace between helping customers with their groceries, stocking the ice in the front of the store, and taking care of the carts around the wide parking lot. The heat of the Arizona sun didn’t even seem as hot as usual.

Many days I loathe the day jobs that I have but, on this occasion, I was alert and receptive to everything around me. I was looking for the positive things in my daily routine alongside actually having little to no stress while doing the mundane work that I was accustomed to.

I am going to check into CBD products again, since this first hand experience has yielded results that I found without kickback. Maybe you should check and see if CBD products help you with the stress of your own work as well.

Della Mullins

The author Della Mullins