How can you calm your upset and nervous stomach in moments of anxiety?


It has been confirmed by doctors that our gut and our mind are intimately connected. The same neurotransmitters and hormones affect the mind and the stomach. Again, both mind and gut are really sensitive to tension and stress. This is the reason why stomach problems are common when we have anxiety. One of the most disturbing symptoms of anxiety is upset stomach. It can have severe effects on your happiness.

How does anxiety make you focus on your stomach?

As anxiety can cause stomach upset, people who persistently suffer from anxiety are constantly troubled by their stomach. Yet the reason is not indigestion but anxiety. Anxiety makes your mind focus on the matters that are causing maximum trouble to you in a particular moment. This is the reason why when your stomach is upset due to anxiety, anxiety amplifies the effect, making you feel that you are seriously sick.

Types of problems in the stomach during anxiety

Stomach problems during anxiety can be of several types. You may have one of these when you are anxious:

  1. Nausea
  2. Stomach pain
  3. Heartburn
  4. Gurgling in the stomach
  5. Diarrhea or feeling the urgency of going to the washroom repeatedly.

Ways of controlling your stomach when anxiety plays tricks with it

Since the root of all your stomach problems is anxiety, you can buy xanax online and treat your anxiety in order to get relief from stomach problems. For temporary relief from stomach problems, you can take help of antacids available in the market. They will give you instant relief and help you concentrate on other matters. There are some natural ways of reducing stomach problems caused due to anxiety. Let us have a look at those remedies:

  • Breathing exercise

When you have stomach problems because of air swallowing or hyperventilation, controlled and slow breathing can be effective. It will not only calm you down but also lessen the chances of swallowing further air.

  • Healthier diet

Anxiety is such an evil that it will go on creating stomach problems irrespective of what you choose to eat. Still it is recommended that you stick to food that is easily digestible. Food that is difficult to digest always put stress and strain on stomach. When hard-to-digest food stuffs combine with anxiety, the situation always becomes worse. So, eat healthy in order to provide your stomach some relief during anxiety.

  • Exercise

If you start exercising when you face stomach problems due to anxiety, it will be of little help. This is because exercise will increase the stomach acid for the time being, giving you more trouble. But, it will be extremely effective in the long run. With regular exercise you will notice that your stomach problems are reducing. Exercise helps you manage anxiety and improves hormonal balance. It is something everyone should do for his mental and physical health.

In case of severe stomach problems due to excessive anxiety, it is better to take help of your doctor.

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