Go through the 5 stages of recovery in addiction


It is said that overindulgence of anything that leads nothing but to intoxication. Out of seven Americans, one used to experience an addiction problem, whether it is related to alcohol or drugs. By seeing this, many organizations come forward to provide right treatment and tools for fighting such scenario. There are different stages of recovery need to pass and obviously all addicts are not same. Some pass the tests while others get broken down in the middle. If you or someone you know is an addict then this blog really helps you in finding five most important stages that one has to go through while recovering from a problem.

Stage 1 – Pre–Contemplation

What exactly you understand by this ‘Pre-Contemplation”? We must tell you. It is regarded as a stage that is described by continued or denyl use of alcohol or drugs. This is the time when an abuser feels that the use of drugs or alcohol is under the control, but the truth is among his family and friends that the case is gone out of the hand. It is this stage when he or she claims to quit the substance whenever they want.

Stage 2 – Awareness

The second step a person step into is awareness. There might be a possibility that the addict would never admit that he is officially addicted. For most of them, the whole thing is an intervention from his or her family. So, it is better to make them aware about their condition and what can happen if not treated in right time.

Stage 3 – Preparing them

The third stage is a time when an addict accepts the condition and start preparing them for getting the treatment. It includes meeting and speaking to the counselors or making proper arrangements.

Stage 4 – Taking action

Among the stages of recovery, taking the required action is the fourth stage. If we seriously think about it, this is a transitional stage which is generally characterized by admittance of a person that yes there is a problem. Here, he learns to live a healthy life waiting for him ahead.

Stage 5 – Maintenance and Relapse Prevention

Last but not the least; the fifth stage belongs to saying goodbye to the treatment center. At this stage, a person knows how to actually focus on maintaining the program. Different tools and techniques are used for fulfilling this thing.

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