Emax Versus Zirconia Crowns: The Solution for Crowning Your Teeth



The dental crowns are used in a situation where your teeth get broken or fractured, worn or weak.

People are using dental crowns from decades, and the technology is advancing, and the process is now streamlined to restorations of other types, for example, exam and onlays restorations. The specific reason for which a dentist use dental crown is to re-strengthening your tooth when it gets weak. The dentists look for success for a long-term.


Lithium disilicate, a porcelain type of specific kind, is Emax. It is basically a porcelain block. The ceramic artists or dental technicians make crowns are very different from Emax Dental Crowns, as they are a block, they are very strong. Hard porcelain, lithium disilicate inherits strength to work wonderfully with restoration.

No core material needs to be mixed with emax, as the strength is built within it. As a core material, Emax can be used, and porcelain crowns can be layered at the surface which will increase the aesthetic value.

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Zirconia Dental Crowns are still used today and is used for the past eight to ten years. It is an interesting crown. It is almost used like on jewelry diamonds are used as substitutes. But as most people know this material as cubic zirconia, the dentists do not use it in the cubic form. Dentists use it in tetragonal form, but it retains the hardness of zirconia. Dentists use zirconia as it is white as the strength instead of using any metal. Because of the strength, zirconia has the ability to withstand pressures caused while chewing.

BruxZir Crowns is the brandname under which dentists uses pure zirconia.

The Difference

Zirconia is opaque, whereas emax is translucent and naturally suits in place of teeth. So, zirconia looks artificial.

Zirconia can be given a natural look by using porcelain on the main material. It will be very strong. The problem is that more teeth need to be removed to make space for it.

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