Cognitive Therapy for Your Child at Christian Boarding School


Counseling experts see the potential in every learner, and they understand the negative habits and adverse reactions as manifestations of underlying and incomplete physical and psychological needs or issues. They employ premium level therapy sessions by which they reach out to each learner where they are at, and help them to control their life by showing concrete refined, imaginative, and sensitive growth. They struggle with them within four distinct levels, all with its own remedial focus, life skills improvement, and behavioral breakthroughs. As learners progress from the individual level to the next, they are compensated with more special privileges and liabilities.

The students are provided with approved drug dependency and mental wellness counseling based on assessed demand. The therapy approach for the learner will be based on his specific clinical assessment, a consolidated working relationship, and an empirically determined cognitive-behavioral approach that speaks to the person. Have a look at the modern set of therapies for the growth and development of your child.


Every pupil has weekly mentoring sittings with their first counselor. If your child is assessed to require artificial dependency or mental health counseling, supplementary sessions will be taken as per the requirement. Personal counseling sessions are designed to direct the student’s prevailing demands. This is done by taking into consideration his performance in the program, along with the staff and teachers.

Group Therapy

The school conducts regular community meetings aided by qualified dependence counselors and faculty. In these meetings, there is a discussion about neighborhood strengths, community obstacle areas, single step work and step progress, and relationship dynamics. Moreover, the Christian Boarding school also carries an open discussion about the improvement or interests for group members. Community Therapy is one area the learners put love into action. Sessions on assertive presentation skills and how to demonstrate healthy boundaries with peers are taken by experts. The topics of the sessions are broad, such as guilt; sin; men’s issues in recovery; femininity; holiness; pain; damage; abandonment, and more.

Family’s Assistance

The goal is to help parents learn each aspect of their student’s development and care by providing:

  1. Weekly telephone calls with the student
  2. Daily letters from and to home
  3. Complete monthly improvement reports

Concept of Parents Weekend


Parent Weekends are meant for parents to reconnect with their child, to meet with advisers and faculty, and network with different parents. The Christian boarding school host a formal parent weekend 4 times a year. Throughout these weekends, the students receive institutional programming, address any issues, devotions services, and spend time alone with your child.

Idea of Home Visits

Learners may receive up to three house stays throughout their journey. The goal of these approaches is to provide parents time and to assess the development of the learner outside the school’s administration. Families are extremely inspired to support the criteria and policies of the school while on home visits. Home visits are granted after prosperous progress to a specific level in the program.

These are certain ways in which you can stimulate growth in your child by admitting them to the Christian Boarding School.

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