Check These Basic Facts About HGH Diet Plans!


Growth hormones are produced naturally by the pituitary gland. The human body is capable of regulating the amount of GH required for growth and development. The level of growth hormones is highest in the early and adolescent years. In recent years, bodybuilders have started to use HGH supplements and injections with a special diet, which together is known as the HGH diet. If you are considering this meal plan to raise growth hormone, below are some of the other things you need to know.

Knowing the need for GH

Growth hormones, as mentioned earlier, are important for development of tissues, bones and muscles. The pituitary gland, which is located deep in the brain, controls the secretion of GH and is also responsible for controlling the function of other important hormonal glands. These days, people are using HGH diet supplements for gaining muscles and other fitness benefits, but it’s important to exercise caution.

The risks and concerns

One of the popular HGH diet plans involves taking injections of choriogonadotropin, which is also known as hCG.  In pregnant women, the hormone is produced naturally by the body and is important for the growth of the fetus. If you take hCG injections, it will signal the hypothalamus gland to shed fat and preserve muscle. In other diets, hCG injections are taken in conjunction with a low calorie diet, not exceeding 500 calories per day, after which a high-calorie diet is followed for the next couple of days. If you check online, you will find a detailed chart for the meal plan.

Do these meal plans work?

Since you will be taking hCG injections with a low-calorie diet, you will see a reduction in your weight, but that’s not something that a dietician or heath expert would suggest. You have to choose the food items according to glycemic index, and it is also essential to include a small portion of lean meat each day. Most of the diet plans exclude or minimize the consumption of carbohydrates, so you will surely lose weight, but might also feel jittery at times.

One more thing that you must check is the cost of hCG hormone injections, which is typically high. Also, most of the low-calorie diets will only lead to muscle loss, and therefore, these are not recommended for long-term weight loss. Not to forget, hCG injections do have a few side effects that can be serious.

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