Addiction and behaviour: How addiction affects the behaviour of an addict?


Addiction is becoming a serious issue or matter of concern. With the raising time, the count of addicts is increasing. Similarly, different approaches for treating addiction are also increasing. Though, there are several therapies by which the addicts can be treated and hypnotherapy is one of the successful approaches. The highly efficient working methods and expertise of the therapists are kicking the destructive habit from the life of addicts. The work and observations of the therapists are helping the people to get back on the right track.

Drug addiction does not only affect the people physically but also mentally, emotionally and psychologically. 1 out of 100 can be without symptoms and any behavioural change. Behaviour changes can’t be observed from a distant site and you can actually observe them if you will examine them closely like family or close friends. So, here, you will get to know about the major behaviour changes in the addicts.

They become depressed:

Adverse effects of the drug are common in everyone and depression is one of major clinical manifestation. Depression can be easily traced out because it rules the body of the addict. The condition initiates as stress and later can be transformed into depression.

They might show aggression:

Drug addiction hits the people in several ways and another important behavioural change is aggression. Once, you will observe the individual about the aggression, you will observe that addicts are more aggressive towards other people. Though, it is common to have aggressive behaviour but when the aggressive behaviour is for a loved one also, clearly defines the addiction. This behaviour is basically for withdrawing them from the world. So, they use the same behaviour on family, friends, colleagues and relatives etc.

They change their hobbies or habits:

When you love something, you get excited and want to do the same. For example; suppose your favourite hobby is travelling, so you will get excited when you will hear about the same. But, addicts do not get excited or overwhelmed when you talk about their interests.

In the nutshell, above-mentioned common types of addict behavior can be observed in addicts and they can be easily reversed.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise